TruckDescriptionPalletPiecesPrice Plt.Price x Pc.Picture  
112MW Win Apparel2100$450.00$4.50 Details
181Ladies Sum Apparel1200$750.00$3.75 Details
429Mix Apparel280$400.00$5.00 Details
477Sporting Apparel 1100$550.00$5.50 Details
479(C)Ladies Sum Apparel38404$1,136.21$2.82 Details
480(C)Ladies Winter Apparel19544$1,581.47$2.91 Details
481(C)Men Apparel2312$1,200.00$3.85 Details
482(C)Ladies Dresses6312$1,541.67$4.94 Details
587Ladies Mix Apparel4200$550.00$2.75 Details
656Mix Apparel184150$565.00$3.77 Details
686Ladies Mix Apparel34100$400.00$4.00 Details
691Mix Apparel10577$1,730.00$3.00 Details
695Mix Apparel25196$450.00$2.30 Details
700Women Dresses1350$300.00$6.00 Details
732Mix Apparel21100$400.00$4.00 Details
739Mix Apparel23150$450.00$3.00 Details

Truck numbers ending in (C) are raw pallets. The pallets can have different prices and different quantities. In this case, what is shown here is an average of them.

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