TruckDescriptionPalletPiecesPrice Plt.Price x Pc.Picture  
10481Mix Apparel & Acc Winter2200$650.00$3.25 Details
10487Mix Big Size Apparel1500$1,750.00$3.50 Details
10548Womens Everyday Apparel1100$485.00$4.85 Details
10817Sporting Apparel Mix3200$700.00$3.50 Details
11151Women Swinwear350$250.00$5.00 Details
11155Pijamas Mix350$200.00$4.00 Details
11158Apparel Mix140$150.00$3.75 Details
11165Women Apparel Big Size8100$375.00$3.75 Details

Truck numbers ending in (C) are raw pallets. The pallets can have different prices and different quantities. In this case, what is shown here is an average of them.

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