TruckDescriptionPalletPiecesPrice Plt.Price x Pc.Picture  
10105Men Apparel3250$1,125.00$4.50 Details
10106Ladies Sum Apparel18197$750.00$3.80 Details
10112Apparel /Accessories81$1,000.00$1,000.00 Details
3500(C)Inv Spencer11$500.00$500.00 Details
4231Ladies Swimwear8100$200.00$2.00 Details
4791Jackets Ladies CH 1100$600.00$6.00 Details
5215Kids Pooh Baby Pram1112$48.00$4.00 Details
5395Big Size MW Sum Apparel12300$600.00$2.00 Details
5576Ladies Dresses/Suits131$320.00$10.32 Details
5598Men Suits & Coats3630$275.00$9.17 Details
5713MWC Win Apparel1230$575.00$2.50 Details
6193Kids Win Apparel2200$700.00$3.50 Details
6243(C)MWC Win Apparel1483$1,207.50$2.50 Details
6340(C)MWC Sum Apparel4490$944.68$1.93 Details
6396MW Sacos American Idol3243$1,030.00$4.23 Details
6523MW Win Apparel265$350.00$5.38 Details
6735(C)MWC Apparel KO1728$1,870.00$2.57 Details
6837Ladies Sweaters1350$225.00$4.50 Details
7027MW Apparel TR5500$1,375.00$2.75 Details
7139MWC Sum Apparel2250$450.00$1.80 Details
7552MWC Sum Apparel19250$475.00$1.90 Details
7596Ladies Faldas largas2150$125.00$2.50 Details
7654Jeans Mix187$600.00$6.90 Details
7659MW Pants de tela8100$550.00$5.50 Details
7776Men Dress Shirts545$400.00$8.89 Details
8052MW Win Apparel23100$450.00$4.50 Details
8061MWC Apparel1250$600.00$2.40 Details
8332Mix Sum Apparel6200$500.00$2.50 Details
8426Kids Sum Apparel JCP2200$600.00$3.00 Details
8427Kids Win Apparel JCP8200$600.00$3.00 Details
8455Jeans Mix3100$600.00$6.00 Details
8459Jr. Ladies Sum Apparel1200$600.00$3.00 Details
8513MWC Win Apparel SE1200$500.00$2.50 Details
8543MWC Apparel KO3200$390.00$1.95 Details
8634Kids App & Acc Win7100$325.00$3.25 Details
8766Big Size Win Apparel9200$400.00$2.00 Details
8783Big Size MW Sum Apparel11190$500.00$2.64 Details
8867Ladies Dresses3120$300.00$15.07 Details
9283MWC Sum Apparel1400$600.00$1.50 Details
9616Jr. Ladies Sum Apparel1200$550.00$2.75 Details
9617Men Apparel Summer1150$500.00$3.33 Details
9668Mix Apparel Summer19200$700.00$3.50 Details

Truck numbers ending in (C) are raw pallets. The pallets can have different prices and different quantities. In this case, what is shown here is an average of them.

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